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October October - last edited October In order to delete an Origin EA Account, players will need to contact one of our Game Advisors, who will be happy to assist them. It takes a few clicks to get to the email form- there's no direct link to it, and trying to create a hyperlink here just redirects to the Help Center homepage- I think it's to prevent spam. That said, I'll give you some precise directions as to how to get to the email form. At the new window, type in your issue- anything will do- and hit Enter or click "Find Solutions".

Lavoro servile ed economia post-fordista

In recent times, a significant amount of contributions crowded around the topic concerning precarious employment conditions. We propose this topic again in order to take a stock, through a multidisciplinary and specialized approach, of some crucial nodes: the issue of historical comparison among the differing typologies of unemployment in the past, the role of political decisions which paved the way for deregulation of the job market, the convergence between the precarious employment in Northern countries of the world and the informal employment in Southern ones, the investment-based economic system, the transition from a Fordist to a post-Fordist production structure, the financial austerity policies, the dismantling of the welfare state and the increase of unemployment, economic and financial drivers of growth which led to enlarged inequalities. Analysing these nodes, the Authors of the essays included in this collection concur to define the phenomenon of precarious employment conditions and its origin, causes and its effect on people. Location of Repository.

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In response to the COVID commonly known as coronavirusthe University strongly discourages large gatherings on campus. This includes campus toursinformation sessionsPrinceton Preview and other University-wide programming. These measures are being taken to help ensure the health and well-being of the campus community and beyond.